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Hi there, thank you for visiting my GITA portfolio website for 2018-2019 that I am proud to say I built from scratch! My name is Emma Wood, and I am currently a junior in high school. I am exceedingly passionate about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), and I am an avid supporter of female participation in STEM education. Not only am I involved in the GITA program at Brea Olinda High School, I also participate in our school's robotics team Mubotics Team 7157 and a club at our school called Lady IT, where we teach coding classes for girls at Brea's elementary schools. While I am still struggling to commit to a major for college, I think I am most likely going to go into environmental science or engineering. Quite honestly, I'm not sure where the future will take me! One thing I know is that no matter what path I choose to take, I will strive to inspire young girls to follow their dreams in STEM.

About GITA

GITA , or Global Information Technology Academy, is a program at Brea Olinda High School that consists of 4 courses designed to educate students in various programming languages, such as Java and HTML. Last year in GITA 1 I learned the fundamentals of programming through the object-oriented programming language C# and built my first website. This year in GITA 2 I am honing my website development skills with HTML and CSS, and in GITA 3 I am learning how to produce quality animations using Flash.

01. GITA 1: C# / HTML ✔
02. GITA 2: Javascript / HTML / CSS
03. GITA 3: Flash / ActionScript
04. AP Computer Science: Java

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GITA 2 Portfolio

Group Projects

GITA 3 Portfolio - First Semester

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Group Projects

GITA 3 Portfolio - Second Semester

Project Showcase

Here are a few of my favorite projects that I am especially proud of.


High School Success
I aim to get a 4.0 unweighted GPA for the remainder of high school and continue my involvement in school activities.
Making a Difference
As president of Catalysts for Change, a club dedicated to combatting homelessness and hunger, I want to work directly with food pantries and homeless shelters in Orange County to create positive change in our community.
Inspiring the Next Generation
I am a strong advocate for female participation in STEM studies, and I hope that someday I can use my passion to create a project that inspires young girls to pursue STEM careers.